Oct 012014


Congratulations to Kenny Chesney on having his new album The Big Revival becoming his 13th career #1 album!  Here’s what he had to say about the feat:

“There are people passionate about life, about music, about their friends and how they dig in and get through as much as how they have a good time,” Chesney says. “I knew during the last tour, they were hungry for more from this music… They wanted songs that showed them more of their life, which maybe offered some different things musically.”

“It’s not as simple as everyone thinks: to find great songs, to be in a creative space where you can think about that stuff, hear new rhythms or change up the lyrics you go to. I didn’t want to come back with more of the same, but more of something even better… and whether it’s ‘Flora-Bama’ or ‘Wild Child’ or ‘Til It’s Gone,’ the response I’m getting says we did the right thing.”

“You don’t go on a journey to find songs, seek new players or consider how to write about life between the coats looking for awards or good reviews,” Chesney said about the time invested in The Big Revival. “If you’re truly writing songs, you’re scraping at people’s hearts, looking at what defines their lives – and you wanna remind them to dig in and really live. I think a bunch of these songs sure do.”

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