Kenny Chesney to Release New Single “Til It’s Gone”

 Posted by at 4:23 pm on September 29, 2014
Sep 292014
Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney has announced that his new single will be “Til It’s Gone.”  Read on to see what he has to say about the song!
“Obviously, it’s a song for a guy and girl and that moment in a relationship where you put everything on the table,” Chesney says of the song. “But when I heard it, I thought of my audience, of the No Shoes Nation – and what an act of faith it is for us to get together. There are people whose lives might be falling apart, who’ve traveled a hundred miles to get there, who just need to have that night where their faith in living is restored… and if you live like that, I think, the song suggests you can get all the good out of what’s meant to be.”
“The Big Revival is committing to your life, walking into a room with a smile, arms open to what might be,” Chesney says. “I wanted all the songs to reflect that, but ‘Til It’s Gone’ really is living every last drop with the people who matter. To look someone in the eye, to say ‘I got this…’ When you get to the bridge: ‘One life, one chance/ One ticket to the big dance/ You & me just holding on/ Right down to the last song…,’ that’s what it’s all about.”
“It’s great to see people taking to the music like this,” Chesney says. “You lock yourself away, writing and recording and you don’t know! That people are responding like this gives me hope…. for the music, and for the passion people invest in their lives.”

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