Garth Brooks to Offer Sneak Peak of New Album

 Posted by at 8:00 am on October 30, 2014
Oct 302014

Garth Brooks

Check out this letter that Garth Brooks sent out to his email subscribers!

Hey everyone,I so appreciate you trusting us with your email and I try not to abuse our direct connection with you. I have a couple of things I would like to make you aware of…first and foremost, our family lost our sister Betsy on Halloween night, 2013. Since then, we have flown the “B 13” on the guitar in her honor. We will fly it one last time on the two shows in Lexington this Halloween night. It has been an honor to fly her salute for the past year, she was and is loved by so many and she will forever be with us every time we take the stage.

Second, from family to the music…a friend of mine at GhostTunes asked if we would take a different look at sampling for this new record…he wanted to know if we would speak a little bit on each song as a snippet of the song was playing. Because he asked, we went into studio and tried it. We were all surprised to hear how cool it turned out. Because it was his idea and his ask, I felt it fair to keep this to GhostTunes. Because it is GhostTunes, Halloween seems like the perfect time. So, for 24 hours, starting at midnight Thursday night, October 30th and for the entire 24 hours of Halloween, 2014, a sneak-peek at the new album will be available…only you all know about it so no sweat if you don’t get over there, I just thought you all should be the first to hear it if you wanted to. I really hope you like the new music.

All my love and gratitude…g

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