Garth Brooks Set to Make “Big” Announcement

 Posted by at 10:18 am on July 10, 2014
Jul 102014

A press conference has been called for 12pm ET today, which will air live at, for a “Major” announcement from Garth Brooks.  It is expected that Brooks will be announcing a World Tour and a new album.

He recently had to cancel 5 “comeback” shows in Ireland after the city only issued permits for three shows.  Not wanting to have to disappoint some fans by trying to decide which two to cancel, he canceled them all.  He is, however, still sending the stage equipment via ship in case a resolution can be made before 400,000 tickets have to be refunded beginning Monday.

Other rumors floating around include:

  • Garth could finally release his catalog to be sold on iTunes as singles.  He isn’t on iTunes because he only wanted his music sold as full albums.  He has also had a stance in the past against the sale of used albums by record stores.
  • Garth could finally get on board with Social Media.  In this day and age, it is unfathomable that he does not have an official Facebook Page or Twitter Account.
  • Garth could be partnering with Wal-Mart for another boxed set of some sorts.

We’ll find out at Noon today what the news is!

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