Garth Brooks Press Conference Highlights

 Posted by at 12:28 pm on July 10, 2014
Jul 102014

This will be constantly updated live as the Press Conference runs…

  • The press conference started off with the presenter stating, “It’s going to be a big day for Nashville.”
  • The first bit of news came from Sony’s CEO Doug Morris that Garth Brooks has signed a record deal with Sony Music Nashville!
  • Garth then came out to talk, saying that Doug Morris came to visit him twice, which impressed Garth and helped lead to him signing with Sony.
  • New music is coming, with a new studio producer, Mark Miller.  Not sure when though.
  • Digital music is coming in 2-3 weeks, only on!
  • Not sure where he’s going yet on Social Media, but wants it to be quality over quantity.
  • He had a fan named Andy ask him about what the first city of his tour would be.  He promised Andy that he would get to be the first to know, so on July 14th, he will call Andy and tell him, letting Andy decide what to do with that information.
  • Ticket prices are kept at the same price for all seats, it’s just luck of the draw as to where you end up sitting.
  • He addressed the controversy in Ireland, which led him to let the cat out of the bag that his stage screen is going to be HUGE!  255 ft wide, 20 ft tall.
  • He clarifies that he knows when new music is coming, but can’t say.  Sometime in the next 2 months we’ll know more.
  • Album may drop near Black Friday.
  • New record will be a double album.
  • He’s really impressed with today’s song-writers, and is worried about competing with them.  Been cutting a lot of songs that he hasn’t written.
  • Album will have a song on there that he didn’t write that might take “The Dance’s” place as his favorite Garth song.
  • A window coming in this digital era to get his entire catalog at a “stupid” price
  • He doesn’t think his stuff is either Bro-Country or Hick Hop. It’s Garth Music.  But he “wasn’t country” when he broke through.
  • His World Tour stage is different than the Ireland stage.
  • His job is to fly the flag of country music, not peg it as Bro-Country, Hick Hop, etc.
  • He believes in mass chaos at high volume to put on an energetic, entertaining show.
  • He’s ready to compete with today’s stars.  Makes the product better and the consumer happy.
  • Garth then tells the moderator that he wants to keep going instead of one more questions.
  • New music will go to ALL retail instead of just Wal-Mart.
  • We’ll know within 10 days what the ticket prices will be, and he’s very proud of them (his share, not the fees being tacked on).
  • He gets to be the guy that gets to go eat at Taco Bell at 3 in the morning again.
  • “Damn straight we’ll have some cowboy songs” on the album.

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